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  KALAMA Hawaiian Botanical Oils
Aloha, welcome to my KALAMA Botanical Oil Distributor's website.
The KALAMA Foundation's Botanicals division, produces two lines of traditional Hawaiian botanical oils. The first set of oils, the WAIOMANA Collection is for personal use. The second set, the KU HINA Collection is for use during Lomilomi and other massage/energetic body work. These collections use ancient Hawaiian herbal recipes that have been passed down in Native Hawaiian families for many generations. The KALAMA Foundation has been granted permission to use these ancient healing recipes
The WAIOMANA Collection
The WAIOMANA (water of power or powerful water) Collection promotes healing, defends against moisture loss and revives the skin. One of the amazing benefits of the oils is the ability to retard the aging process.
The KU HINA Collection
This collection is a mixture of traditional Hawaiian oils which are used to promote healing from within the body.
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Wisdom of The Ancient Ones
The KALAMA Foundation is a Native Hawaiian organization, founded in 1993 to preserve the traditions of the Hawaiian culture. The Foundation presents training and educational programs to maintain the knowledge of authentic Hawaiian philosophy and it's correct application. KALAMA Foundation has four divisions: Halau O Limaloa, KALAMA Botanicals, KALAMA Travel Services. KALAMA Productions. Learn more about the foundation by visiting their website.